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Nietzsche declared God as being dead, and Darwin replaced the faith in a creator God by the evolution theory. Since that time we try to invent the paradise on earth by ourselves. But our life did not really improve. In contrast, many are unsatisfied, feeling empty and depressive. All offers of having fun in our society don't make them happy at all. The Bible course Start into Life therefore not only teaches Bible lessons but reveals how God changes your life. Tens of thousands already have studied this course and experienced courage and joy unfolding healing effects on their life. This is is a German website, nevertheless we offer this course in English language and answer your questions in English, too.

Press the upside button "login" on the right, click the red button to register (“neu registrieren). Fill in your user name (“Benutzername”) and a password ("Passwort"), repeat the password (“Passwortwiederholung”) and fill in your email address (“E-Mail Adresse”). Fill in “eng” in the box “PLZ” and “Deutschland” in the box “Land” (country). Mark the box with a cross “*Ich akzeptiere die Nutzungsbedingungen” (I accept the terms of service). Fill in the green security code (“Sicherheitscode*”). Then click on the green button “registrieren” (register). You will receive an email that you can now login and start with the lesson (it's free of charge!).

At the end of every subject you find a question page. Please answer these questions and send them to the Bible Study Institute. We will have a look at your answers and respond to them. So we will get into conversation.

As soon as your questions are answered, you receive an e-mail (unfortunately in German, but don't be confused) which informs you that you are now able to read our explanations, hints and answers. Then you will have access to the next subject.

During the studies you also will be able to call up past subjects and the questionnaires you had filled in. At every time it's possible to read and repeat your studies.

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"The Bible study course helped me a lot in overcoming last self-doubts and took my fears away."
(Mr. K. H., Collonges)